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Out of Body Exploration Intensive

With William Buhlman

Acclaimed Author
On Self-Initiated Out-of-Body Experiences (Astral Projection)

Don’t miss this Unique Opportunity to Explore Safe, Out-of-Body Adventures!
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This exciting workshop explores the various steps and techniques needed for controlled out-of-body exploration and other spiritual journeys. William brings a refreshing look at how we can use out-of-body experiences to explore our spiritual identity and enhance our intellectual and physical lives. He has trained out-of-body travelers in his workshops for two decades, teaching people how to project their consciousness beyond the limits of their physical bodies and to explore dimensions and worlds beyond everyday life. Over the course of this unique program you will experience extensive step-by-step exercises, tips, techniques, and answers to your every question about out-of-body exploration.

At the Monroe Institute class size is limited to 24 participants so please register early.

During this empowering workshop you will experience:

  • Extensive astral travel, out-of-body and inner exploration techniques.
  • Unique and powerful healing methods.
  • Methods to have a profound spiritual experience.
  • Powerful methods to reshape your reality.
  • Spiritual protection methods.
  • Effective focus and control methods
  • Innovative spiritual development techniques.
  • Proven brain wave synchronization technology.


What people are saying about William Buhlman’s Workshops . . .

This workshop has provided me with the answers I’ve been looking for most of my life.  And they were within me all this time.
– Mike W. Novi, MI.

Wow, what an adventure.
– Paul F. Boston, Mass.

I started having out-of-body experiences when I was a teenager. I couldn’t tell anyone, because they would think I was crazy. After the question and answer session, I felt good knowing that this is a perfectly natural experience.
– Francine K. San Francisco,

It was so exciting. I can’t wait to get home and practice the techniques.
– Kim Y. Yelm, WA.

A totally powerful experience. If you have ever considered taking a workshop, this is the one! It is packed with information, techniques and answers to all of your questions on out-of-body travel.
– Carolyn M. Santa Barbara, Ca.

Bill is wonderful. The workshop was insightful due to his many personal experiences. Finally, someone I can talk to that knows what this is about.
– Ken E. Denver, CO.

A refreshing change from the lecture format in so many workshops. The discussion was lively and the techniques were simple and effective.
– Bob R. Minneapolis, MN

Destination Higher Self Workshop

What can you do today to enhance your spiritual journey of consciousness? Join us for this unique three day workshop that is based upon the book Higher Self Now!

My wife, Susan, and I wrote this book with the deep desire to help inform readers about the continuing reality of our existence and all that it implies. As a lifelong explorer through self-induced out-of-body experiences and meditation, I have written Part One of this book, which explores our opportunities for spiritual awakening, the multidimensional continuum of consciousness and the journey of soul that continues through our life, death and beyond.  As a hospice volunteer and a certified end-of-life doula, Susan has written Part Two, which examines the transition we call death, suggesting a new paradigm for assisting our loved ones—and ourselves—in making the transition experience an effective launch pad for a profound spiritual journey.

In many cultures and religions the process of death and dying is considered a powerful opportunity for spiritual liberation. In this class you will develop your own Spiritual Directive, learn the practices of an end of life coach, and experience techniques that will clear the way for you and your loved ones to achieve the peace that supports a beautiful spiritual transition. Some topics include:

  • Assist loved ones in their journey of consciousness by identifying and removing blocks to achieving their true spiritual essence.
  • Practice techniques to control and direct your state of consciousness during altered states of consciousness.
  • Document personal spiritual goals for your own transition and for those you love.
  • Design a sacred space to intensify the transition experience.
  • Learn about various nonphysical realities and how they function.
  • Practice forgiveness and gratitude techniques to ease the emotional burden of a complicated death.
  • Learn how to effectively navigate thought responsive environments.
  • Acquire the skills to be a spiritual advocate for end of life care.
  • Learn creative ways to release the grief associated with lost loved ones.
  • Experience extensive guided Hemi-Sync exercises.

This workshop is held exclusively at The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia. Instruction for this program will be provided by William and Susan Buhlman. Bill is the best-selling author of, “Adventures beyond the Body” and “Adventures in the Afterlife.” Susan is a Hospice Volunteer providing facility and home care, along with bereavement support. She is a certified end of life Doula and Reiki Master. Together they have written Higher Self Now!, a book that combines the elements of a spiritual journey with the practical aspects of the end of life experience.

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