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Resolving the Five Most Common Fears about Out-of-Body Experiences

Written by on April 4, 2019. Posted in Newsletters

By William Buhlman

As the OBE trainer at the Monroe Institute for the past nine years I have heard every imaginable fear-based belief and assumption. In the realm of consciousness exploration what you believe will influence the subtle energy reality you experience.

Nonphysical realities are highly thought responsive. We are never objective observers when we enter nonphysical environments; we are interactive participants. Our thoughts and beliefs, whether conscious or subconscious possess immense creative potential. Every thought is a powerful projection of energy. This applies to all aspects of our life; if you believe in negative entities you can manifest them. So be hyper aware of what you feed your mind because your thoughts will impact your perceptions of reality during your journeys.  

The collective consciousness of humanity remains heavily influenced by the deeply indoctrinated fear-based beliefs prevalent in many religions, societies and cultures. The fear of demons and devils is reinforced by popular horror movies, books and TV series. Slowly this is changing as people awaken to their true nature and the spiritual reality of their continuing evolution through form.

Here are five common fears and the truth about why they are unfounded:

1. You can become lost or unable to return to your body. The opposite is actually true; during an OBE any thought focused on your physical body will return you to it. Our instinctive focus on our physical body explains why most OBEs are often brief experiences. To become an effective explorer of nonphysical realities we must train ourselves to remain focused beyond our physical body.

2. The silver cord can break during OBEs and your physical body could die.   The silver cord is not a physical object and therefore it cannot break. Our magnificent universe and our personal energetic life systems are designed not to fail. There is nothing more natural than humans experiencing their true self beyond the temporary vehicle of the physical body.

Every night during sleep everyone moves out of phase with their physical body. In a sense each of us separates from our body and recharges our batteries during this essential inner energy process. When we sleep we are all partially out of our physical bodies. I and other OBE explorers have observed this energetic separation process during sleep.  

3. You can encounter evil or frightening creatures beyond the body. When we leave our body we are entering a thought responsive multidimensional continuum, where focused thoughts are things. Looking back I have been surprised and startled on occasions by nonphysical inhabitants and realities. As explorers of nonphysical realities it’s important for us to remain open minded and refrain from the need to immediately label things we don’t fully understand.

Our thoughts are an energetically creative force that influences our immediate nonphysical reality. For example, the creature I experienced in Adventures beyond the Body (page 249) was scary at first. Then I realized that my thoughts are the creator of the form-based creature and the entire experience was recognized as a powerful opportunity for me to confront and resolve my own subconscious fears.

4. OBEs and the vibrational state can be harmful. The vibrational state and OBEs are a positive indication of our inner energy flow. This energy flow is essential for good health. I personally feel that my OBEs and the vibrational state helped me to recover quickly from stage-four cancer. Just to be clear, I repeat, “quickly recover” I did not say magically cure. This is based upon a simple fact; our inner energy flow is essential for optimum health and healing of the physical body. A closed or restricted personal energy flow is a precursor to illness. The very nature of OBEs helps us to remain energetically open.

5. Sleep paralysis can create negative effects. Sleep paralysis is a natural process designed to keep our physical body immobile during dreams. In truth it’s a normal and highly effective precursor to OBEs.I welcome sleep paralysis because it is a clear and positive indication that I am ready to exit my body. One of the methods to self-initiate OBEs is to remain calm during sleep paralysis and direct your complete attention away from your body. The silent affirmation, “Door Now!” has worked for me.

If you desire to become an effective explorer of nonphysical thought-responsive realities you must release the lingering fears that restrict your progress. This is an essential element of personal self-empowerment. No more excuses. Reject the archaic belief systems and fear based assumptions. We are the sole creator of our experiences; accept and embrace your immense creative abilities in every reality you experience.

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