August 2003 Astral Projection Newsletter

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I will be a guest on Whitley Strieber’s radio show Dreamland on Saturday August 16th. Listen live or archived: Unknown Country.

I am currently writing a new book and will be doing fewer events for the next year. Only two more workshops will be conducted this year.

How to change your desires into reality

Ten years ago I read about the importance of setting goals and decided to create a list of fifty things I dreamed of doing. At the time I was employed for a Detroit company I didn’t really like, I had two weeks vacation, an average income and the responsibility of raising twin boys. During that time the idea of making a written list of my dreams as goals was nothing short of wishful thinking but I decided to do it anyway. My attitude was, “Why not, I have nothing to lose.” I still remember writing my list during an especially boring three-hour business meeting. Much of my list was totally unrealistic and included travel to exotic destinations such as Peru, London and Rome. Included in my wild and improbable list were dreams of writing a book, visiting Sedona, Arizona and seeing the magnificent redwood forests in northern California. Up to that point I did what many people do, I occasionally thought about my hopes and desires without committing the list to paper.

Written Goals are the key to Manifesting

Now when I look back over the last ten years the transformation in my life is amazing. The wild and seemingly unrealistic list of written goals has largely become my reality. Almost all of my fifty dream items have now manifested in my life. In fact I have added numerous goals since then and they have also rapidly appeared. At first I was surprised and even shocked by the effectiveness of this simple goal making process, but now I fully expect to manifest my dreams even though I don’t focus my attention upon them. Today when I update my list of goals I know from experience that this powerful process of goal setting is always at work behind the scenes arranging the unseen energies that will eventually manifest at some point in my life. I absolutely know that my goals will not only manifest but also it will appear in ways more elegant then I could ever imagine or plan.

This powerful creative energy process continues to remain a mystery to most of humanity. We live in an immense energy universe and our focused thoughts and intentions create a powerful and unseen energy mold that shapes our reality. Your thoughts constantly mold the ethereal energy dimensions just beyond our vision. This subtle substructure of the physical world is often referred to as the lower astral or etheric plane and we know today that it is highly pliable and responsive to thought. The more focused your thoughts the more effective and rapid the energy restructuring process occurs in this subtle dimension. The formation of this unseen energy mold is the source and portal of all physical manifestations and the basis of all form based realities. What I found especially fascinating is that this formation process of energy can be personally witnessed and confirmed during an OBE. In fact, the entire concept of thought forms is the result of this energy process in action.

As a side note I would like to add that many people today remain unaware that they shape and mold their reality and make the common mistake of focusing their thoughts upon their lack, their problems, or their personal dramas instead of their goals. Of course, this focused negative energy is then magnified and manifested in their lives. The same powerful principle of manifestation is always at work, but it is up to us to learn to use our thought energy effectively. I include more about this powerful energy principle in The Secret of the Soul.

The evidence of this creative process is all around you. Trace the energy of every object and relationship in your life and you will discover that you created the initial mold with your thoughts. I would highly recommend that you write your goal list today and post it where you can see it every day; don’t procrastinate, for this simple act will help you to crystallize your dreams into reality.

All my Best,
William Buhlman

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