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A quick meeting with my son

Written by Astral Info on August 6, 2018. Posted in Experiences & Stories

My 19 year old son had passed away just about a week prior. I had fallen asleep in the living room on a chaise lounge when all of a sudden I’m standing at the end of the hallway leading to the bedrooms, I see my son standing in front of the doorway of his room with his right arm leaning above his head against the door jam. As I am looking at his back, I am also seeing his face and I sense what he is thinking…”Wow, this used to be my room” were his exact words or thoughts. I also felt the emotion coming from his thoughts and saw his facial expression all while standing behind him, it was a little bit of sadness of him missing his room. At this moment, I was jerked awake, as if someone had shaken me in a panic, and I jumped up frantically and turned to look down the hallway. I could barely catch my breath, it was the most real thing I’ve ever experienced. This all seemed to happen simultaneously.

a walk down the street

Written by Astral Info on August 6, 2018. Posted in Experiences & Stories

I remember the first time I had this experience. At the time I was alone, just in my bedroom on my day off of work just watching movies until I could fall asleep and have a nap. Which was no ordinary nap when I thought to be still awake. And got up in a colorful room amazed to see that everything was glowing, some in different colors but it was all there, my posters were glowing and all colors had been illuminated in a shiny way. And from there I looked on my bed to see that I was standing by myself while I was actually still lying there sleeping. I was shocked because I could still feel every little thing around me.
The thought of “could I be dead?” never occured because everything seemed so peaceful and elegant that you did not want any of it to end. I was in a constant amazement that I could move around and when I looked out my window.. my whole neighbourhood was the same with nothing out of place but the leaves on the trees were a shiny purple,pink,or white depending on the tree..the grass was a shiny green and the streets and sidewalks were perfect but with no cars or people around to talk to or see. As I was walking down the sidewalk down to my old school where I had been going to at the time, I hear a voice ahead of me and my friend Tim was walking towards me, the only person I could see during this dream saying my name “Chris” repeatedly walking towards me and before I could talk or say anything to Tim I was as in an instant back in my body and waking up to the real world again, in my same room only to find Tim on my bedroom couch saying “Chris..” “your awake” watching a movie waiting and trying to wake me up. He told me my dad had let him in to wake me up.. I wonder still what being that was in this OBE that had Tims voice because it couldn’t have been him.

The Astral shell

Written by Astral Info on August 6, 2018. Posted in Experiences & Stories

When I was about in my 20’s I had an experience in which I found myself I found myself in a beautiful park. Off in the distance I heard someone preaching and I started to go listen when suddenly an invisible guide said to me, “No you do not belong here, come with me” as I started to leave with him I suddenly saw a concrete park bench and upon it a waxen melting human like form. I asked what this strange sight was. My guide said, “This place is called the Astral Plan. What you see here is the Astral shell or astral body of a soul that has left this plane and so this is dissolving and has moved on. Just like in physical earth people die, their physical body dissolves also. Come with me now to the next level.”

Many years later I attended an A.R.E. workshop in Portland, Oregon to hear speaker Mr. Van Aukan I think was his name. I signed up for his newsletter. In one of the newsletters was an excerpt from the Cayce readings describing the melting of an Astral shell that looks like melting wax. I immediately sent an email to the author and told him I know this is true because I saw one on the Astral Plane when I was in my 20’s.

I am 77 years of age now and had several adventures in consciousness off and on over the years. In fact last year, I laid down on the bed and declared, “I am a Multidimensional Being and I can be anywhere in the Universe anytime I want!” and suddenly it was like someone flipped a switch and I was on a Bridge and went into a town where there was a big parade going on (a lot of parades go on in the Astral and beyond) An east Indian woman wearing a business suit approached me and said, “Come on let’s go to the meeting”. I asked, “Well what dimension am I on?” She laughed and said, “Every time you come here you ask the same question!! You have been here many times before but it seems to take you awhile to let go of your physical consciousness. So come on let’s go.” So I followed her to a building and about to go into a door, but I woke up and I never can remember what happened.

I think I was in a class like William mentions in “Adventures in the Afterlife” because I remember finding my consciousness in an Eagle flying and thinking, “Wow this is really something!” but then I got bored and joined some people walking around big boulders and it was boring too. Then I found my consciousness in a woman in prison about to be executed who was innocent and I felt the needle going in as she started to die, I left.

I think that is enough to report here, but I studied Metaphysics since I was 10 years old living as a welfare brat in a slum tenement apartment house with my alcoholic mother. I am a certified hypnotist but have done many many things in life..
Thank you for the privilege of your time.
Janie Martin, C.Ht. and in Oregon.

Out of Body

Written by Astral Info on August 6, 2018. Posted in Experiences & Stories

My experience :
I am currently reading the book “Out of Body” in German and am fascinated how people explore the astral world and have the following to say:
The book is a “déjà vu” for me because I read a lot about it a few decades ago
– Out of body experiences are for me only a small part of the whole and I am very happy that the knowledge reaches many people. Please note, however, that the body, soul and mind have to be developed equally. My personal recommendation is: Franz Bardon. I do not want to say more. Thank you for the exploration and the hard work on the astral plane.

Out of Body, My Life

Written by Astral Info on August 6, 2018. Posted in Experiences & Stories

For me, paranormal started around age 4 or 5. I saw beings, I called Angles. I walk in two worlds, the physical and ,I really don’t know how to describe it, higher dimensions, other world, parallel worlds. When my out of bodies started, the vibrations lasted only the first couple of years. Now, I simply just lift up and out. Sometimes different parts of my body lifts up before others, for instance my legs. I’m just learning to control where I want to go,so that’s exciting. Sometimes I see other beings, but not always. Sometimes I’m on other planets interacting with the beings who live there. For people whom have never experienced this, its almost impossible to explain. They think I’m crazy. But I wouldn’t trade my life adventures for anything!