December 2003 Astral Projection Newsletter

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I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. In a past
newsletter, I wrote about our amazing ability to create personal
reality. One of the keys to this creative process is to clearly describe the things you would like to manifest in your life. One of the exercises that I highly recommended was to create a detailed, written list of 50 things that you would like to see, do or accomplish in your life.

Today some people believe that this simplistic list approach is a silly waste of time, wishful fantasy that accomplishes little. Let me
share a brief story to illustrate my point.

Ten years ago I created my first list of 50 things that I wished to
experience in my life. At that point in my life everything on my list
was nearly impossible to achieve. With two small children and a modest income, the thought of trips to Europe and Asia, writing a book and all of the 50 items on my list were unrealistic dreams. Included on my personal list were many items related to China, including visiting the Great Wall and Tibet.

I have said all along that we create our reality with our intentions and thoughts, however, talk is cheap. A clear example of this creative process has again manifest itself in my life. Next month I will be moving to Shanghai, China for the next three years. During this time I plan on exploring many different parts of Asia and completely fulfilling the remainder of my original 50 item list. The bottom line is this, the
universe does respond to our focused thoughts. Our thoughts create an energy mold for our personal physical reality to manifest. The sheer power of this creative process is incredible to observe in our lives.

Make your personal list today and be bold with it. Forget limits, just go for it. This creative process works beyond our comprehension, so don’t underestimate your potential. Today, make it your New Year’s resolution to create your personal list of 50 items and do it now.  Then be open to receive.

Have a creative holiday season.
All my best,
William Buhlman

I am pleased to announce that two OBE workshops will be conducted in Italy during May, 2004. One event will be held in the northern area and the other near Rome. For additional information and registration contact Elena at or visit the workshop page on my web site.

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