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Dear OBE List Members,

The number one question I receive is: How do I effectively deal with the intensity of the vibrational state phenomena?

Every year millions of people are shocked by a sudden surge of energy that occurs during sleep. This is often accompanied by sleep paralysis, strange vibrations, sounds and a host of other phenomena that I detail in the OBE survey. This powerful energy event continues to be explained away by a wide array of causes including, deep REM shut down, a stress or trauma related dream, night terrors, evidence of alien abduction and some believe the presence of evil forces or succubus intrusions.

These events open the door to several important issues.

I am terrified by the intense sounds and sensations of the vibrational state and I am shocked back to my physical body every time.  I can’t seem to get past it.  What can I do to resolve this?

This is a major issue and potential block to conscious out-of-body exploration. First, it is important to know that some people that have OBEs do not experience the vibrational state at all. This is especially true for lucid dream induced experiences or what I call dream awakening. One solution is to change your OBE induction method to a dream technique by practicing the various lucid dream methods such as the “hand awareness method” or “watching for anomalies in your dreams”.

For those of us that do experience the vibrational state as a prelude to their OBEs this topic is critically important. How you react to the vibrational state phenomena will often determine the immediate results you experience. Many of you will recognize the following.

Common vibrational state experiences and reactions:

1) A wave of intense fear and shock resulting from the sudden onset of strange vibrations, sounds and sensations.

2) Spontaneous shock and fear-based thoughts instantly overwhelm your awareness. What the hell is this?”  I have heard countless descriptions,  “I must be dying.”  “A train is running through my bedroom.” “A powerful energy beam is paralyzing me.”  “The bed or room is shaking.”

3) Your attention is immediately focused upon the perceived physical cause of this strange and powerful event. As a result, your attention is instinctively directed toward your physical body. Within a minute or so the vibrations subside and you return to normal. (The brief window for inner exploration is closed.) Many will then discount the whole event as weird and unimportant and go about their daily life. This event is often not shared with others because it is too strange to explain.

All of this is natural. Everyone I know including myself has been shocked or frightened by the vibrational state at some time. The reality is this: The vibrational state experience is not physical in nature it is energetic. Our focus of attention upon the physical will quickly end the experience. The key is to completely surrender to the weird phenomena no matter how strange it may manifest. Simply and calmly allow the vibrations to continue without focusing your attention upon it.

The bottom line is this: the vibrational state cannot harm you in any way. In addition, if you are predisposed to experiencing vibrational state phenomena you eventually must learn how to effectively deal with it. I know this is easier said then done

Practice is essential. Practice on total mental relaxation during times of stress. Most important, your response to the vibrational phenomena is a highly creative process. On many occasions, I have imagined myself floating on a protective cloud while I was experiencing, what seemed to me at the time, to be exploding sounds and intense vibrations. This state of consciousness is difficult to explain. A calm mindset of allowing and surrendering to the vibrational state without focusing upon the perceived physical like nature of the experience is the first key to success.

The importance of creativity is often overlooked. For example, if during an OBE you experience train engine sounds or sensations you can respond to this by imagining yourself as the engineer or passenger on the train and ride the sound out of your body. If you feel paralyzed imagine you are a balloon and float up and away from your body. At times it feels like a mental game of vibrational chess where I attempt to be one step ahead of the other player. Use whatever mental imagery works for you.

The three most commonly reported results after experiencing the vibrational state:

1) Your fear will eventually shut down the vibrational process, creating a block.

2) You begin to learn about and use this mysterious and remarkable inner energy process.

3) You try to avoid the vibrational state by incorporating lucid dream induction or awakening methods.

More details and diagrams explaining this important topic are available on pages 146-151 of The Secret of the Soul.

The question: Are OBEs hereditary?

I believe that OBEs are hereditary but the reason for this has nothing to do with physical genetics. Our close family members, and especially our children and siblings, are part of our soul group. To clarify, we have chosen to learn and evolve within the physical training ground surrounded by a group of souls that we know instead of complete strangers. Our primary soul group is relatively small, consisting of 10-25 individuals. As a result, we have a long-standing relationship with our children and siblings that extends through time and multiple incarnations. Because of this extensive and unseen relationship, we have developed many similar psychic and spiritual abilities along with some of our fellow soul group members. This explains why various psychic “gifts” such as the ability to communicate with the departed and the ability to remember our OBEs seem to run in families. We are essentially evolving spiritually together with and through our individual soul group. This connection extends far beyond the physical and explains several kinds of reported experiences.

Many people, including myself, have out-of-body experiences that involve members of our individual soul group. For example, I have encountered and communicated with my mother, my twin sons and my uncle during my OBEs. Two major factors are at work: our soul group relationship that naturally draws us together and our mutual spiritual evolution that is developing along a similar or parallel path.

As a side note, this also explains why our family relationships can be so challenging and difficult at times. Like an unfolding play of consciousness, we assume different roles in different physical scenes to enhance our potential learning. Evolution demands personal growth and our personal soul group assists our development by presenting and orchestrating new learning opportunities. When you fully recognize this amazing process unfolding around you, your perception and interaction with your family members takes on a new and much deeper prospective. Think about this in your life

This year I will be conducting only a few OBE workshops and only two are now planned for the USA, September 26-28 in Michigan and late October in Nevada. Check out the upcoming events page for more details.

All my best,

William Buhlman

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