February 2004 Astral Projection Newsletter

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February 2004 Newsletter

Dear OBE members,

This newsletter is longer than most. I originally designed this information to be two different letters but after some thought I felt that the continuity of the ideas presented is more effective together. I encourage you to read the entire text for it has valuable information that is essential to your future. This knowledge continues to have a powerful impact upon my life and I feel it will assist you as well.

The Unseen Mechanics of Creation

In the December newsletter I addressed the topic of our ability to shape and mold our personal reality. Since this subject is so critically important to all of us I decided to provide more details. Since the beginning of civilization the burning question of creation has been a topic of dispute and controversy. Two major schools of thought have evolved over the centuries. In brief, one is the well known biblical story of a Supreme Being creating the universe and the other is the more recent Big Bang and evolution theories that essentially teaches the creation and gradual development of life over billions of years. Today most people view creation as an ancient grand event that is now completed. Many also assume that this question of creation is unimportant in their daily lives. However, modern out-of-body experiences shed light on a great mystery that influences all of us. In fact, one of the greatest secrets of our existence is now revealed.

Individuals who have out-of-body experiences often speak of interacting with realities beyond our physical vision. For thousands of years these unseen realities were given the name of heaven by early spiritual explorers. The early religious concepts of heaven, hell and purgatory were essentially crude interpretations and explanations of the wondrous multidimensional ocean that we dwell within. These early biblical pioneers clearly presented a universe composed of four to seven distinct dimensions. The modern religions of today are all built upon this insight. Keep in mind the early religious concepts of a multidimensional universe were highly advanced two thousand years ago when these ideas were first presented. Unfortunately a long progression of religious leaders used the multidimensional concepts of heaven and hell essentially as a carrot and a stick philosophy to manipulate and control the masses. This fear-based approach has worked very effectively for over two thousand years. Many religions have prospered and spread providing beliefs and hope instead of answers and knowledge. For the vast majority of humanity the shocking truth of our multidimensional existence and our immortality remained cloaked in religious mystery.

Today we have expanded our knowledge. Countless OBEs confirm that the universe is multidimensional in nature and that the unseen dimensions act as the logical energy substructure for all matter. To clarify, all physical objects including all life forms are multidimensional and composed of nonphysical energy. However, what many do not see is the extent, depth and critical importance of these subtle realities. These unseen heavenly realities are extremely diverse and are influenced and molded by our thoughts. OBE explorers often observe the formation of cloud-like energy shapes of various forms and densities. Today many refer to these subtle energy clouds as thought forms. The energy forms that exist closer in vibration to matter are generally observed as relatively dense and stable (less resistant to thought). This leads us to an amazing discovery that impacts all of us in profound ways.
We now know from OBEs that the subtle unseen thought forms that dominate segments of the inner dimensions grow in density and detail as we direct and focus our repeated thought energy upon them. Every focused idea, whether it is a pair of shoes, house, a car or a relationship increases in density within the astral dimension with our continued thought reinforcement. With repeated thought reinforcement, a stable energy mold and an interdimensional opening into the dense physical world is developed. This allows the energy object or relationship to eventually manifest in the physical world. In other words the subtle energies of the unseen dimensions are solidified and transformed into three-dimensional forms by our thoughts, goals and intentions. This is the unseen energy essence of creation, the mechanics and manifestation of form. Every focused goal becomes a thought form and has the potential to become matter. This is also the unseen reason why goal setting and visualization is effective in the physical world.

For example, many years ago during one of my out-of-body experiences I witnessed a partially manifested large ship with red markings. I had no idea what it meant so I disregarded the ship as unimportant. I concluded it was just another apparently random thought form that is so prevalent within the astral dimension. Several months later I received a letter from the Inner Voyage Tours Company asking me to be a speaker during a week long Caribbean cruise. At that point, I discovered that the cruise line was Carnival and that their ships have red markings. Only then did the shocking truth hit me. During my OBE I had witnessed the energy formation of my own future. The unseen energy of my future cruise was taking astral form and preparing to manifest within my physical world. This process is incredible to observe and verify in your own life. This is why keeping a journal is invaluable. Today I watch in amazement as future events in my life reveal themselves in my OBEs long before they manifest in matter. We now know that these thought forms are actually the early stages of creation before they manifest as physical reality. In other words, all physical forms start as a thought and assume shape and solidity within the unseen inner realms.

Let’s explore this powerful creative process even more. Based on out-of-body experiences, the universe is very much like a multidimensional hologram of energies. The physical world we see around us is the thin dense outer crust of this massive energy projection. The creation of form begins within the subtle inner core of this energy projection and flows outward from the spiritual source into the progressively denser vibrations of thought, emotion and finally into matter. However, the vast majority of people remain unaware that the universe also functions like an interactive energy mirror that responds to your thoughts. When you constantly project the thought energies of “I need” or “I lack” or “Give me” or “I deserve” into the world the universe responds back to you in kind, “I need from you, I want from you”. When you change your mental and emotional projections to “how can I give?” and “how can I serve?” a fundamental shift in energy occurs and the universe responds automatically, “ What can I give to you?” “How can I serve you?” This magnificent hologram of energy is always ready and able to respond. In fact, the universe has always responded to your personal thoughts, but it is up to you to learn how to control and focus your own projections of energy. Until you do, you will exist in a state of constant need for you have separated yourself from the source of all creation and are reaping the result of the needy thoughts that you have sowed.

This also fully explains the unseen process that enables psychics to predict the future. A good psychic is sensitive to the thought forms that surround a person and will interpret and translate this energy properly. The real challenge is the interpretation of the thought forms. As some of you know, this is also the ancient secret behind real magic, faith healing, Wicca, Shamanism, psychic phenomena and the hidden purpose and power behind countless religious beliefs, ceremonies and rituals throughout the ages. Thoughts are things. The bottom line is this; nothing is blocking or withholding abundance from your life. You create your own limitations by the way you project your thoughts and intentions both consciously and subconsciously. Every limiting and negative self-concept, belief and accepted falsehood hampers or blocks your creative ability. When you project thoughts of need and lack, you create need and lack in your life. God, the universe has given us access to all we will ever need here and now. However, it is up to you to awaken and learn how to access the ever-present creative flow of energy abundance within yourself. The great spiritual teachers throughout the ages have repeatedly taught the truth of this but few have listened.

The keys to manifesting your reality:

1) Everything is a form of energy.
Modern physics has proven that everything around us is a form of moving energy. No thing is truly solid. Also science has confirmed that all energy and forms, even sub atomic particles can be influenced by thought. In fact, a child’s thoughts can alter the motion of sub atomic patterns. This knowledge opens the door to a starting new vision of reality.

2) Clearly define and express what you desire in your life.
Everything begins with a clear focused thought. Your focus creates the energy mold within the inner dimensions. The key is to not only think about your goal but also commit it to writing. Be specific. Writing your goals or dreams helps to crystallize them even faster. To clarify this creative principle, I will share a short story concerning one of my sons.
When my son Eric was 16, before he even had his driver’s license, he decided he wanted a motorcycle. His bedroom was filled with magazines and pictures of motorcycles. He settled on one make and model and posted pictures of the new bike all around his bedroom. Even his computer screen saver was his dream motorcycle in the bright red color that he desired. Following my instructions, he clearly described his personal goal in writing and created pictures of himself riding the bike.

3) Take ownership of your thought energy now.
I told my son to see and feel himself riding “his” new motorcycle now, in the present moment. Be vivid about it. In no time he was asking me to take him to look at new motorcycles so he could visualize them better. During a visit to the bike dealership he showed me what he wanted and explained why it was the perfect machine for him. While there I told him to sit on the one he liked to see if it “fit” him. What a surprise to hear that it was perfect. Now he could clearly see and feel what he desired to manifest. Keep in mind that at that point in time his desire was a completely unrealistic dream.

4) Take action when ever possible.
The last step is the one that many seem to overlook. Look for opportunities for you to take action, even small things are important in the creative process. For example, my son called various insurance companies to check on the rates and coverage available, even payment plans. I was informed in detail about the great fuel economy and portability of “his” motorcycle. He investigated, found and registered for a certified motorcycle safety course to counter my many logical objections. In addition, he got a part time job after school to pay for his dream. Then about two months later, “out of the blue”, both of my sons received inheritance money from a distant aunt who had passed away without our knowledge. My son’s seemingly impractical motorcycle thought form quickly manifested into the physical world and he still rides it today. There is no coincidence.

5) Be open to receive.
The final step is to be completely open, without conditions. Don’t prejudge the outcome of your goals, for they will often manifest in a different form than what you may have envisioned. A powerful phrase to repeat is, “this or something better will appear in my life”.

The creative end result is clear, your focused intention and action molds your reality, however, wishing and hoping does not. Each of us possesses the power of creation in our lives, but it is up to us to use our inherent ability. Our focused intention creates a subtle energy mold within the inner dimensions and our individual thought forms are the birthplace of matter, our reality. The proper use of this knowledge creates a powerful life-changing shift in consciousness that can change your life.

When you focus your thought energy and take action, your life is no longer the end result of the many external energy forces that surround you. You no longer view yourself as the victim of external circumstances. A tremendous sense of self-empowerment flows though you as you begin to focus your thoughts and goals and truly build your new future, your new life. Based on my experiences, this is one of the great mysteries each of us must resolve in order to evolve beyond matter and permanently reside within the inner dimensions of the universe. (Chapter nine in The Secret of the Soul explores this in more detail).

This powerful principle currently molds your life with unseen precision. Most remain unaware of their creative ability and are deceived by the slowness of the physical changes occurring around them. They never perceive the incredible connection between their thoughts and the outer forms that dominate their life. Billions of people continue to live in ignorance of their creative abilities. From this moment begin to trace your thoughts and observe the outer physical effect. Keep a log of your energy interactions; you may start with the small mundane things around you. Trace your thoughts from the first fleeting idea to the physical appearance of all the objects in your life. Trace everything around you, your food, your clothes, car, home and furnishings, your relationships and your marriage. Examine this for yourself. Every object and relationship in your life began as a thought. From this moment take ownership of your creative power and consciously build your life.

When you assume full responsibility for your thoughts and actions and embrace your God given creative ability all things are possible.

All my best,
William Buhlman

I am pleased to announce that two OBE workshops will be conducted in Italy during May, 2004. One event will be held in the northern area and the other near Rome. For additional information and registration contact Elena at mbazzano@libero.it or visit the upcoming events page on my web site.

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