The Higher Self Connection

For many of us, the ultimate sacred goal is to reunite with our spiritual essence or what many today call
the higher self. Over the centuries this unification experience has been revered for its ability to impart
enlightenment and liberation. Writers and teachers have attempted to describe the existence of the
higher self. The challenge is apparent: how can you describe something that exists beyond all three-
dimensional form?

For the purpose of clarity we can describe the higher self as the essence of consciousness existing
beyond the mind and the ego personalities of man; our center point that exists beyond all density,
duality, beliefs, and separation. It is our essential core, that which has guided us through all of our lives,
supporting our present education on Earth, and preparing us for our infinite journey. It is the very heart
of our being that knows our strengths, weaknesses, and desires. It is the part of us that understands the
unseen purpose for all of our experiences.

Our higher self extends beyond the human concepts of time, density, gender, and race. In order to
function in different dense dimensions, we possess the ability to use multiple energy bodies as
instruments for exploration and expression. Our spiritual essence holds the knowledge of all our
collective experiences in this lifetime and all life experiences in every dimension.

The following is an exercise designed to help you recognize and connect with your higher self.

Creating a Powerful Spiritual Symbol or Image

  1. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes while focusing on your breath. Just completely
    relax and allow all thoughts of today to dissolve away.
  2. Sincerely request that your heart provide you with a clear visual symbol or image of your higher
    self. Be open to all impressions. Make no judgments.
  3. In your mind’s eye imagine that your higher self is in the distance and moving toward you. You
    may sense this in any manner that is meaningful to you. Now you are standing in front of your
    powerful spiritual symbol. You can feel the radiant light and energy pouring from the symbol of
    your higher self. Take all the time you need to visualize, open to and be with your symbol.
  4. Clearly imagine and feel that you are merging with your spiritual image. You can see and feel
    your symbol clearly. Surrender to it; become one with it, for nothing blocks or restricts your connection.
    Acknowledge that there is no separation between your conscious mind and your higher self.
  5. Allow your thoughts to drift away and become one with your intention to experience your
    higher self. Meditate on melding your awareness with your personal image. Be open to all inner
    shifts. Let go and flow.

A connection with our higher self can be established through meditation, daily rituals, repeating
mantras, reciting affirmations, or simply having a focused, sacred time. In addition, OBEs, NDEs, and
lucid dreams can open the door to this deep connection. The specifics of the method may be unique to
you, but the sensation of alignment to your higher self will have commonalities that are shared across all
cultural, ancestral, and religious backgrounds.