Out-of-Body Exploration How To Guides

Questions & Benefits

  Find answers to your questions about out-of-body travel (also known as astral projection.) For example – what does it feel like and what you can expect.  You can also learn about the benefits that OBEs bring to your everyday life. Learn More

Spiritual Exploration Methods

Learn different techniques and tools that will help you along your journey to becoming a spiritual explorer. Learn More

Keys to Control

Understand how to navigate and control your awareness during an out-of-body experience.  Use this “troubleshooting guide” to walk you through any obstacles you may be facing. Learn More

Effective Mindset

Get information how to shape your thoughts, beliefs, and energy to get the most out of your experience. Learn More

Helpful Spiritual Exploration Links

Want more information?  These sites also offer sources and information regarding OBEs and metaphysical topics.  From video sites to books for purchase, it’s all here. Learn More

The Out-of-Body Experience Survey

Commonly-Reported Phenomena Associated With Out-of-Body Experiences from over 16,000 responses.  See the responses from the field’s largest conducted survey. Learn More

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