January Astral Projection Newsletter Pt.2

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Dear OBE Newsletter Member,

What were your New Years resolutions?
Did your resolutions include having a personal spiritual experience?

Often you obtain what you ask for and experience what you expect out of life. Why not ask for more this year and expand your expectations beyond the norm. Why not add a new resolution today and demand a personal spiritual experience now. What stands in your way, but you?

Every year I receive hundreds of letters and comments from the OBE surveys and books.

I sincerely thank everyone that has responded to the surveys and can assure you that your personal sharing is important. In fact, The Secret of the Soul is largely the result of your letters, experiences and insights. We have learned much in the past few years and I am going to share this new information with you. This year the newsletter will explore a wide array of issues and experiences with more depth. No sugar coating. This newsletter will ask you to examine yourself and your beliefs. In addition, every month I will include at least one letter from readers that are experiencing specific issues or challenges that are universal in nature.

We are currently entering a major evolutionary transition within our species. It is the evolution of humanity from a physical based state of consciousness that focuses upon physical and ego gratification into a fully conscious being that is increasingly aware of its true spiritual nature. As we evolve, we are destined to experience a larger, more expensive fabric of life – the non-physical realities around us. Today, many of us are experiencing various inner changes associated with our growth. Some observable elements of this evolution are manifested in the activation of the light body, the increase in chakra related activity, the recognition and use of our psychic abilities, the increase in vibrational state phenomena and the dramatic increase of conscious OBEs and NDEs worldwide. All of these inner events are directly related and are increasing at a significant pace.

Based on over 18,000 responses to the surveys during the past seven years I am convinced that human chakra development and the resulting vibrational state is a major element of our evolution from a largely unaware physical- five sensory-based specie to a fully conscious multidimensional being. Our ability to process higher and finer energies is an essential step in our evolution. Like a butterfly emerging from its dense cocoon humans are destined to grow and soar beyond the confines of their temporary physical shell.

Because of this accelerated evolution, the need for valid information is growing at an unprecedented rate. Today, increasing numbers of people are experiencing the various phenomena of the vibrational state for the first time and many are shocked or even terrified by the intensity of the event. I continue to receive letters from people that interpret or frame their experiences based upon the old paradigms of Satan, controlling aliens, stalking astral creatures and other external issues. Many of the old beliefs create a victim mentality, instill limitations and fear and answer nothing.

As a new year dawns, let us examine our life. Our society continues to cling to old religious beliefs and myths while neglecting the essence of true spirituality. The vast majority of humanity either consciously or unconsciously has surrendered to a variety of established belief systems. Most of us we were taught some form of dogma. Many of us were taught from birth that faith and belief is the only key to our “salvation”.  Today countless millions continue to be told that they require a priest to function as their emissary to God. After all we are lowly, sinful creatures incapable of a personal spiritual union with God.

We need to depend upon our religious faith and our beliefs or we face possible damnation. Instead of seeking spiritual experience, millions are brain washed to cling to faith and depend upon the established dogma of the priest craft. Just imagine the negative and destructive consequences of this kind of conditioning. How many billions of people throughout history have settled for man-made religious beliefs instead of seeking personal spiritual experience? The time has come to recognize and erase this old conditioning.

Reappraising our Beliefs

Take a moment and list your personal beliefs. Dig deep, write them and confront them. Do not kid yourself with the thought that you don’t hold beliefs. The number of unconfirmed concepts that you embrace may surprise you. Examine a few of the established ones.

Do you believe in eternal damnation?
Do you believe that God desires to be worshiped?
Do you believe that Jesus was born of a virgin birth?
Do you believe in the concept of a physical savior?
Do you believe that a priest or a belief can erase or adjust your karma?
Do you believe that your religion is better or more accurate then others?

The list is of beliefs is countless and the institutional conditioning goes on. We live in a world dominated by unsubstantiated beliefs. They are often piled so deep we often can’t begin to see the source or intent of the original belief. Many spend their entire lives examining and chipping away at the mountain of beliefs, searching for the light of truth. This is often a slow and difficult task requiring many incarnations. For many the first major step to enlightenment is to recognize the limiting beliefs that can restrict our personal spiritual growth.

When you strip away the multitude of beliefs a single truth shines forth. You are a powerful spiritual being and you have the natural ability to have a profound spiritual experience now, this very moment. No external force can stop this.

Questions from Readers
In the letters, I see several issues and reoccurring questions.. Often various fears and blocks related to the vibrational state are raised. As an example, I am enclosing a letter that touches on several of the universal fear issues. I think it clearly demonstrates why continuing research and insight into the vibrational state and OBEs is so essential. This kind of letter is not unique or even unusual. In fact I have documented a significant increase in vibrational state reports over the last decade. This is important to all of us because the vibrational state phenomena and OBES are inevitable. One way or another you will have an out-of-body experience. The time has come to replace fear and limits with knowledge and experience.

Out-of-Body Questions & Answers

Recent Letter from the OBE Survey:
Mr. Buhlman,
Mostly I am having vibrations before bed. They start in stomach area and then start to spread through out my body. I get a lot of pulsing and vibration right in my forehead, between my eyes. This thing whatever it is seems to be progressing? HELP…


Last night was the strangest ever!  The pulsing and vibration started early this time. Starting in my forehead and running down my face. I fell asleep, had a dream woke up to find my legs moving. It was like some one was tiring to pull off my legs trying to make them longer. I could actually feel my legs getting longer. Maybe you can tell me what’s happening to me, should I see a doctor, maybe I have a brain disease of something?

I remember how this all got started, last summer I started feeling an electric pulse in my stomach area I thought maybe I was sick of something but I was fine, just a little dizzy. But it seems like it is progressing and I was getting used to the strange sensations, my heart used to pound so loud you could hear it in the next room, but not any more it’s become normal.

Also something else, lately I’m starting to get this great rush of energy like a huge wave or something, this part is really awesome. I hope you don’t think I’m crazy but everybody else does. I don’t know anything about this OBE thing. I just stumbled on to your website. Maybe you can tell me what’s going on?

Dear OBE survey participant,
Hi. Much of the phenomena you describe are chakra related. This is common energetic activity experienced immediately before an OBE. The pulsing and vibration in your forehead and the electric pulse in your stomach is the result of your primary chakra activity. All that you describe is classic vibrational state activity and the common prelude to an OBE. The key is to obtain accurate information about this subject and learn how to adapt and respond. I write about this chakra – energy issue extensively in chapter nine of The Secret of the Soul. Since this subject is new to you it is important to recognize that all of the changes you describe are normal and positive. You are opening up energetically to the inner flow within yourself. For the sake of clarity you can think of your chakras as inner energy valves or conduits that distribute subtle energy. Two of your seven primary chakras have recently opened more then you are accustomed. This process is allowing a greater flow of subtle energy resulting in the energetic changes you describe such as pulsing and vibrations. This energy event can be powerful and shocking even for the experienced explorer, however, be assured this is a natural energy process. After 30 years of personal experience I am still in awe of this energetic process and have dedicated my online OBE survey to the study of this energy flow and expansion.

Several related issues are present. For the sake of clarity I am responding to each question.

Am I going to die or something?
You are experiencing the intense but natural awakening of your inner energy flow. This is actually a wonderful development and yes, it will progress unless you shut it down from a fear-based response. Your subtle energy body is adjusting to a higher flow of inner energy. On a positive note, it sounds like you are beginning to adjust to these many inner changes. The main thing you need is valid information so you can progress without fear.

It feels like my bed is moving but it’s not?
This is the result of inner energy motion and vibrational state phenomena and is commonly perceived as a physical event. This can manifest in a host of ways such as, shaking, spinning, stretching, lightness or heaviness. The expansion of your energy body and the movement of your subtle body create the perception of motion as it responds to the increased energy flow.

My heart is pounding so loud you could hear it in the next room.
It feels this way because the energetic motion is internal, closer then your beating heart. The internal sounds can be deafening and can manifest in a multitude of ways, buzzing, humming, roaring, voices, engine sounds. This issue can also be related to your heart chakra opening.

I fell asleep, had a dream and woke up to find my legs moving. It was like someone was trying to pull off my legs or trying to make them longer. I could actually feel my legs getting longer.

A definite and classic OBE related event. This is due to inner energy expansion and can also be accompanied by the sensation of someone touching or grabbing your legs or ankles. During my workshops, the participants do an OBE technique that is a variation of the “Christos method” in which they visualize their legs growing longer in increments from four inches to two feet.

Lately, I’m starting to get this great rush of energy like a huge wave or something, this part is really awesome.
You are opening to a greater internal flow of subtle energy. This is an important and positive event that yogis train themselves for years to achieve. There is much debate about the safe speed and intensity of this inner opening. Your recent experience with the energy flow indicates that your process is becoming more gradual, manageable and even enjoyable to you. As long as the energies are comfortable to you I would encourage this “wave” to continue.

All my best,

William Buhlman

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