January 2009 Astral Projection Newsletter

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out of body and astral travel newsletter, newsletters, spiritual developmentI would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Since I have moved from China back to the U.S. last year I plan on conducting more OBE workshops then I have during the past five years.

In the last few months I have received many requests for additional workshop information and details. The OBE workshop that I have designed is highly experiential, it’s an active, high energy, practical, and hands-on weekend. This is a unique opportunity to interact with like-minded people in a fun, non-threatening atmosphere.

A brief overview of the OBE workshops: On the first day we cover the basics of self-initiated OBEs, such as how to recognize and respond to the vibrational state, how to resolve fear issues and clear blocks or challenges. We also explore effective separation methods, creating the ideal personal environment, self hypnosis and trance states. Preparation is an important part of the process, so we also do some light hypnosis and a selected OBE method.

During the balance of the weekend, we will experience a wide variety of proven OBE techniques, incorporating practices from around the world. For example, you will take part in hypnosis exercises, brain sync music interaction and dynamic visualization methods. In addition to multiple OBE techniques, we explore past life journeys, through hypnosis.

Saturday evening you will experience a version of a Peruvian fire ceremony. This is a classic manifestation and release ceremony – an ancient method to mold your reality. This is a very popular activity that I’m sure you will find both liberating and cleansing. The purpose is to release the “old baggage” that you may have been carrying around for too long. Moving forward from there, you will become involved in energy healing techniques and shamanic trance practices.

Here are just a few of the exercises you experience during the OBE workshop:

* Inner cleansing method * Ladder method * Target technique * Energy expansion method * Swirling pond method * Chakra activation method * Golden Dawn Method * A past life method (a variation of the Christos technique)

Each workshop is unique and is based upon the needs of the group. To the best of my ability, I ‘read’ the group energy and customize the methods, pace and focus accordingly. The primary goal is for you to have a personal experience that opens a new level of self-knowledge. This may manifest as an out-of-body experience, encounter with a loved one who has passed, your own past life journey, or a release and manifest situation; it will be different for everyone.

Workshops can make great family vacations. I have had multiple family groups that have enjoyed the opportunity to share the experience.

A few Workshop helpful hints:

* Bring a comfortable mat. (Workshops are often held on hardwood floors) * Wear comfortable and warm clothes. (Body temperatures reduce during trance states) * It is recommended not to consume coffee, or any other caffeinated drinks, during the workshop. * Read “Adventures beyond the Body” before the workshop. * Bring your own OBE journal. * Arrive open-minded and prepared for an experience.

I am looking forward to meeting you at one of the great locations this year.

Please visit http://www.astralinfo.org for more information.

Boulder, Colorado. March, 20-23, 2009
Sedona, Arizona. April, 17-19, 2009
Europe and South America workshops are also available.

I would also like to introduce you to a new documentary titled “The Path” that I’ve been honored to be involved with. This exceptional film is a labor of love by producer Michael Habernig and producer April Hannah.

“The Path” is a collection of 13 individuals who are expert in the fields of out-of-body experiences, reiki, past life regression, physics and integrative medicine. These are people that are currently practicing and teaching these life-changing topics. Included are interviews with Skip Atwater of the Monroe Institute, Tom Campbell, myself and other well-known authors. Each individual shares their experience of their own soul’s path and their knowledge concerning the afterlife.

“The Path” will also examine ways in which we can heal ourselves and obtain individual answers tailored to our specific needs. The theme centers on self-empowerment and healing of the body and soul. Some of the highlights of this documentary are examining the soul’s purpose, what is involved during the transition between life and death, what is the afterlife and how to invoke healing of our own mind and spirit.

The hope is that this documentary will eliminate some of the fear associated with death and answer questions about life after death and the multidimensional universe we live in. I highly recommend that you check it out at: http://www.thepathseries.com .

All my best,
William Buhlman

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