The Keys to Control in Out-of-Body Exploration

William Buhlman

How to navigate nonphysical environments

(A trouble Shooting Guide for Inner Exploration)

“To experience spiritual liberation we must transcend the labyrinth of form.”
~ William Buhlman


ased on experience I’ve found that the more prepared we are for our explorations the more effectively we can maneuver and explore within the nonphysical environments.

Our physical concepts have little bearing in the nonphysical dimensions of the universe. To be effective explorers of consciousness we must learn the nonphysical “Rules of the Road.”  To assist your explorations I have detailed an overview of commonly reported situations, events and challenges. This trouble shooting guide is the result of four decades of personal experience and feedback I’ve received from thousands of people who have had out-of-body experiences. I have provided this information with as little cultural bias as possible.

During trance states and out-of-body adventures it’s essential to remain calm and recognize that we are always the power center of our experiences. This information applies to all inner exploration paths and methods including meditation, yoga, trance states, shamanic and medicine plant journeys.

Enjoy your adventures!

William Buhlman

Keys to Control

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Practical advice for serious explorers of consciousness. This applies to all forms of inner exploration and spiritual paths.

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All self directing commands of consciousness such as, “Awareness Now!” should be concise, powerful and in the present tense.

Common Issue


Inner vibrations (sometimes intense) accompanied by loud buzzing, humming or roaring sounds. Any sound, vibration or energy event that is out of the norm during sleep. You are experiencing the vibrational state. A normal prelude to an OBE. Surrender to the vibrations and allow them to expand or spread throughout your entire being. When the vibrations have reached their peak immediately direct your full attention away from your physical body. “Door Now!” (All commands are thought.) Refer to pages 164-168, Adventures Beyond the Body
The sensation of rapid inner movement. The experience of being drawn deep within unknown areas of yourself. The inner movement of our consciousness from one energy (frequency) level to another. This perception of motion is often intense and can be startling if unprepared. You are shifting your awareness inwardly from one energy body to a finer frequency energy vehicle existing within yourself.
Catalepsy – sleep paralysis The inability to move your physical body. Remain calm for this is a normal and temporary phenomenon that often occurs immediately before or after an out-of-body experience. Our higher frequency energy body is temporarily out of sync with our physical body. This is a positive indication that you are ready to have an OBE and a clear indication of your inner progress. Focus your awareness away from your body to initiate full separation.
Returning to the physical body unintentionally. Often caused by random thoughts directed toward your physical body. You must focus your full attention within the nonphysical environment and energy body you are experiencing.
Blurred vision or your awareness is unclear or dreamlike. Firmly demand clarity until your perception is clear, “Clarity now!” or
“Awareness now,” then focus upon a specific item or area within the environment you are exploring. Repeat as needed.
A panic attack or any feeling of fear or anxiety. Repeat to yourself that you are safe and secure. Surround yourself with an impenetrable wall or globe or protective white light. Refer to The Secret of the Soul pages 211-239 for additional information. Fear based thoughts will create fearful results.
Tunnels or the perception of any kind of entrance.  Doors, portals, cave entrances, windows and openings of all shapes and sizes. Often our mind’s interpretation of a transit point or opening within the energy field dividing two different frequency levels (nonphysical energy environments, realities or dimensions) Our perception of this energy opening is influenced by our preconceived beliefs.
Heaviness, poor vision or the inability to move just after separation. This is caused by insufficient conscious awareness present in your current nonphysical body. Firmly request an immediate enhancement of your awareness within the energy body you are experiencing, “Awareness now!” and/or demand lightness and mobility now. Then direct yourself away from your physical body. “Door Now”
Lack of recall after an experience. Firmly demand an enhanced recall of your out-of-body experience. “I remember all!” This is especially effective if done during the final moment of your out-of-body experience.
Experiencing your body as a formless or shapeless form of conscious energy. This may be accompanied with 360-degree perception. This is the normal recognition of our true inner self. We are formless (pure consciousness) currently using our human form for experience. Our natural perception is 360 degree.
An extremely loud noise (like a gunshot) close to our head – heard at the moment of separation from the body. This can be startling and is likely the result of a sudden energy surge emanating from the chakra located in your forehead (third eye).
The sensation of looking through our closed physical eyelids. This occurs when your consciousness is transferred to your non-physical body but you have not separated from your physical body. Immediately direct your consciousness to a location away from your body. “Window Now!”
Entering the vibrational state but unable to separate from your body. Remain calm and allow the vibrations to expand, then mentally direct and focus your complete attention away from your physical body and toward another area of your home. “Door Now!” Focusing on rolling sideways is another effective way to disengage from the physical. “Roll now.” Refer to Adventures pages164-168 for more detailed information.
Strange or unusual sounds or noises during sleep; voices, buzzing, bells, humming, music, footsteps. Any sound that is inappropriate to your current physical surrounding. Positive indications that your awareness has already transferred from your physical to your nonphysical body. I refer to these sounds as inner signals. Remain calm and direct your awareness away from your body. “Door Now.”
Entering a nonphysical environment containing cloud-like forms. They may appear as holographic images with varying degrees of density. You are observing nonphysical thought energy forms. The direct result of focused thought upon a nonphysical energy environment.
Your immediate surroundings appear to be a near duplicate of your physical environment. You are currently experiencing your slowest frequency nonphysical energy body and observing the parallel energy dimension closest in density to the physical universe. As you move inward this environment will dissolve and a new reality will be experienced.
The sensation of being touched during sleep, the vibrational state or during an out-of-body experience. This sometimes occurs just before or after separation. This can be caused by several things:
1. Our mind’s interpretation  of nonphysical energy currents or motion.2. An energy adjustment within our nonphysical body.

3. A nonphysical inhabitant or loved one may be in contact.

The vivid sensation of thoughts, images or pictures entering your mind. The natural form of non-physical communication. Remain calm and allow the images to unfold. During OBEs the universal method of nonphysical communication is achieved by direct thought and image transference. Be aware this may also be a form of inner communication with a higher aspect of yourself.
The perception or sense of an approaching form of energy or light. The recognition of a non-physical consciousness near you. This could be a local inhabitant or non-physical being.True reality is not form based.
Becoming lost or disoriented. Remain calm and cease all forward or inner motion.
1) Demand “Awareness Now! and/or “Clarity now!”2) Select an item in your immediate non-physical environment and focus upon it.

Moving through a door or opening of any kind and experiencing the entire environment has changed. A common occurrence. Entranceways, doors and windows often represent the beginning or entrance into a different energy environment.
Encountering a vehicle of any kind. Our mind’s representation of a nonphysical (formless) energy body or vehicle of consciousness. Often this may be our mind’s interpretation of our own energy bodies.
Experiencing a barrier or blockade of any kind. (a wall, river or any kind of energy barrier) An energy representation of a possible limitation or barrier we have accepted or created ourselves. An opportunity to confront a personal energy block and overcome it. Also, the possible border to a consensus environment or reality.
Observing or confronting a strange or frightening form, creature or being of any kind. This may also manifest as a serious personal challenge, obstacle or test. Generally, this is an energy representation of our own inner fear based thoughts. A subconsciously created opportunity for us to confront and conquer our personal fears, blocks or limitations. The most effective way to overcome and eliminate a problem or fear is to face it. Sending love to fear is one of the best ways to dissipate this energy.Refer to page 250,
Adventures Beyond the Body

and page 213
The Secret of the Soul
A highly effective way to confront and resolve our inner fears and blocks.

Rapidly changing or shifting scenes or environments. A lack of focus on your part. Simply focus on a single environment or object and this will cease. This may also be an indication that you are in a non-consensus reality. “Focus Now” is an effective response.
A tugging sensation felt at the upper center of your back.This is generally an inner signal to return to the physical.
Entering an extremely bright or high-energy environment. This could feel like a high energy crushing sensation accompanied with intense light. Remain calm. You have entered a higher frequency energy environment than you are accustomed. Firmly request an inner adjustment of your personal vibratory rate, “I adjust now!” “I adapt now!” This is a positive development and a sign of personal growth.
The sudden or gradual feeling of heaviness or lack of mobility or vision during an out-of-body experience. An inadequate percentage of our consciousness is concentrated within your currently employed energy body. Firmly demand increased awareness to be present immediately. “Awareness Now!” This will increase the amount of conscious awareness within your non-physical energy body. Our awareness is currently distributed within all of our energy bodies. We must focus our consciousness to be effective.
Losing conscious control in the middle of an out-of-body experience. Verbally demand your full awareness to be immediately present. “I am completely aware now!” Or, “Awareness now!” (Never mention or think about your physical body or you will immediately return to the physical.)
Becoming tangled or restricted by any nonphysical item, structure or environment; perceptions of bedclothes, sheets, blankets are the most common. All physical objects possess finer frequency, energy duplicates. Remain calm and simply direct yourself away from the problem. This issue may also represent a self-created inner block. Demand a shift or enhancement in your consciousness or situation. “I move inward now!”
Experiencing an elevator, ramps, steps or staircase of any kind. Our mind’s interpretation of a shift in consciousness. Often indicates inner motion between energy sub levels of a given dimensional reality.
Floating in an endless expanse or ocean of light or energy. Also experienced as a vast void or empty space. You have entered a formless area of consciousness that exists beyond the astral dimension. Remain calm and demand, “Higher Self Now.”
Cobwebs, lightness or heaviness in any part of the body, a sinking or falling sensation. Indications that you are entering an altered state of consciousness or trance state. Remain calm and focused upon your intention for exploration.
Being annoyed by a perceived nonphysical visitor in your personal space. More inward and away from the problem by directing yourself inward to another reality, “Next level now.”Refer to
The Secret of the Soul page 211-239 for more details.
Your immediate surroundings appear to melt or change dramatically. Remain calm. You have moved inward to a different reality. Focus upon your new reality.
Brief and uncontrolled OBEs. Repeat, “Awareness Now” as a mantra during your entire OBE. Focus completely on your new environment and forget about your physical body.
The sensation of spontaneous movement to a new location or reality. This is often intense. Sometimes called astral wind. Your Higher Self is directing your experience. Remain calm and allow the experience to develop. Demand  “Awareness Now” to stabilize yourself after any shift of consciousness.
Spontaneously entering or observing a life drama or situation. You may be experiencing a present or past life-learning situation. Often this is a lesson or learning situation made available by your Higher Self. Observe the energy display carefully for this may relate to a current issue or relationship in your physical life. We are often drawn to unresolved energies that manifest as inner lessons.
High energy, waves or heat flowing into a part of your body. Often inner energy motion and flow initiated by the openings of major or minor chakras. Allow this energy to expand.
Night terrors An intense fear reaction to the various intense energy phenomena often experienced during the vibrational state. Caused by fear of the unknown. Fear based thoughts will create fearful results, while knowledge dissolves fear.
1) Sending love to fear is one way to dissipate this energy.2) Surround yourself with an impenetrable wall or globe or protective white light. Refer to The Secret of the Soul pages 211-239 for additional information.
Becoming stuck in wall, floor or ceiling. Raise your vibrational rate by a mental command, “Awareness Now.” or move inward, “Next level now.”Refer to page 233-234,
The Secret of the Soul
All forms of vibrational state phenomena including:
Any unusual sounds, vibrations, voices or sensations as you sleep
Feeling the presence of someone near you as you sleep.
Being touched by unseen hands
Being unable to move your physical body
Seeing through closed eyes.
Refer to page 157 inAdventures Beyond the Body for a complete list.
All positive indications that you are about to have an OBE. Often you are out-of-sync with your physical body but have not fully separated. Remain calm and surrender to the vibrational phenomena and allow the energy to expand throughout your entire being. Then direct your full attention to a location away from your physical body. “Door now.” A focused and repeated thought command in the present tense will create the best results.
The sensation of sinking, spinning, flying, floating or any perception of motion. Any sensation of inner motion mayIndicate you are in the process of shifting your state of consciousness moving out-of-body. Flow with the motion and allow it to expand. Demand “awareness now”.
Moving rapidly through multiple layers of color, energy, haze or rings. This can be intense and disorienting. Remain calm your conscious awareness is moving/shifting inward within yourself. This is interdimensional exploration. An essential skill to develop. Immediately after the motion has ceased demand “Awareness now!” This will help to stabilize you to the new state of consciousness.

Experiences involving the perception of cleansing and or a dramatic change of your energy body; this may include bathing, water, fire, etc. A positive experience. Any form of cleansing is our mind’s interpretation of an adjustment of our consciousness or the potential removal of negative emotional patterns or blocks.This is often an enhancement or shift in our state of consciousness.
Flying or falling in a dream. Often your dream mind’s interpretation of a shift of consciousness or an OBE.  Demand and repeat “Awareness now” to become more aware during your experience. For more detailed information on dream conversion refer to
Adventures Beyond the Body
pages 181-191.
Experiencing any state of confusion or disorientation. Mentally demand whatever quality you are lacking during your experience. Make it a focused demand in the present tense. This may be “clarity now”, “stability now”, or “awareness now.”
Your immediate surrounding is different from your physical reality. Normal experience. This is to be expected for you have entered a different or finer vibrational reality. The further inward you shift the less dense and three-dimensional is the experienced energy reality.
Your energy body, arms or legs begin to dissolve. (This will quickly occur when you stare at your hands.) Consciousness (soul) is not form based. We are confronting our self-created form based energy identity. Also, as we prolong our OBEs there is a natural tendency to revert to our natural (formless) state of consciousness.  As we prolong our OBE our awareness will shift inward from our outer energy body to another less dense body within our self. This is the normal process of experiencing your multidimensional self-identity.
nner vibrations (sometimes intense) accompanied by loud buzzing, humming or roaring sounds. Any sound, vibration or event that is out of the norm during sleep. You are experiencing the vibrational state. A normal prelude to an OBE. Surrender to the vibrations and allow them to expand or spread throughout your entire being. When the vibrations have reached their peak immediately direct your full attention away from your physical body. “Door Now!” (All commands are thought.)
Dual consciousness. Our awareness is partially within our physical and nonphysical energy body or two different energy bodies simultaneously This occurs occasionally. Since consciousness is not physical in nature, it has the innate ability to be in multiple places at the same time. Our consciousness can be compared to a continuum of energy that exists in all dimensions and possesses the ability to move inwardly within the nonphysical interior of the universe.
Becoming blocked or restricted by a wall, floor, ceiling or any perceived form based structure. Remain calm and increase your personal awareness and vibrational state by mentally repeating a focused demand. “Awareness Now!”, “Next level now!” or “inward now!”
All self directing commands of consciousness such as, “Awareness Now!” should be concise, powerful and in the present tense.