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Helpful Guidance for the Exploration of Consciousness

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New Online Course: Adventures Beyond the Body: Mastering the Out-of-Body Experience

In this course, William will share his own personal experiences and the system that he has successfully used for decades to journey beyond the physical. His own ability to move throughout the non-physical world and the evidence he has gathered from thousands of students makes a unique combination of wisdom that is now available to you in the comfort and privacy of your home.

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Latest Book: Beyond the Astral

Short Stories Gently Inspired by Actual OBEs, Past Life Experiences, Lucid Dreams and Other Spiritual Journeys

These short stories are inspired by some of the out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams and meditative messages that we have documented over the past decades. This book is designed to open a path to unlimited possibilities by revealing the simple, but sometimes powerful message found in the mysterious activities of our consciousness.

At times we can all take our spiritual journey too seriously, impacting our ability to appreciate the ride. We wish for you to enjoy these stories that speak to the highs and lows of our human adventure. Look carefully, you may see a reflection of your own physical journey as we relay our experiences to you.

Stretch your thoughts and see where your imagination will take you!

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Higher Self Now!

Higher Self Now! is a powerful affirmation for immediate spiritual liberation; a modern guide book for personal transformation. Learn about the unseen nature of our existence, the continuing evolution of soul after death and how to navigate thought responsive realities. Develop your own Spiritual Directive as you discover the practices of an end-of-life coach. Through a variety of personal accounts and practical guidance, you can be prepared to assist your loved ones as they begin to transition from the physical world. Experience a variety of techniques that will clear the way for you to achieve escape velocity from the dimensions of density and form. We are powerful, creative beings with the ability to shape and mold our current reality and influence our afterlife as well.

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Adventures in the Afterlife

Adventures in the Afterlife is a mind expanding exploration of the afterlife. Follow one man’s exciting journey of intense self discovery. This book prepares readers for the many thought responsive environments we all experience after death.

“This book is for anyone who wonders what lies beyond the physical body, what is the meaning of our existence, and wants to know how to let go of the confines which clutter the truth with the illusion of a material world existence.”    ~ Mark Anthony, Author of Never Letting Go

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Adventures Beyond the Body

Paperback, 292 pages

The #1 selling book on astral projection for over 20 years.
Now available in 12 languages.

The original guidebook filled with detailed OBE accounts and how-to knowledge. This book presents a wide array of easy to follow techniques, questions with answers, and a clear glossary that helps to demystify the subject. The author provides the guidance and tools needed for each of us to begin our own personal journey.

Dr. Raymond Moody says that Adventures Beyond the Body is “an intriguing guidebook for those who want to venture beyond the horizon of ordinary reality.”

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Secret of the Soul

Paperback, 272 pages

Sequel to Adventures Beyond the Body – Learn the Higher Meaning of OBEs & Learn How to Achieve it for Yourself

A truly enlightening account of the out-of-body journey, along with straightforward instruction. A comprehensive exploration of OBEs and spiritual development.
Twenty sample pages on

“This is the book to read if you want to learn about—and experience—OBEs.”

~ Whitley Streiber, author of Communion and The Coming Global Superstorm

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Adventures Beyond the Body Audio Book

If you ever wondered what might lie beyond the reality we experience every day, if you’ve ever thrilled to accounts of out-of-body travel and longer to go alone for the ride, this fascinating, practical guide is for you. America’s leading expert on out-of-body travel tells the riveting story of his travels to other realms and offers easy-to-use techniques to guide you on your journey of a lifetime’and beyond.

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William Buhlman’s Out-of-Body Techniques from Monroe Products

Learn techniques for out-of-body explorations from leading expert William Buhlman. Based on 40-plus years of experience, Buhlman found that each of us responds differently to various OBE induction methods. Six separate audio tracks (or 6 CDs) provide different approaches for achieving this state: Body of Light, Balloon, Count Down Globe, Target Technique, The Vortex, and Shamanic Method. Each track is approximately 45 minutes in length. Guidance manual included.

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Destination Higher Self Audio CD Set

NEW!! Destination: Higher Self! 2 CD set was created to assist those in the transition process to become spiritually self-empowered and prepare for an enlightened transition. Both CDs are supported with Hemi-sync technology. This program can also be used for the exploration of consciousness.

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6 CDs
(6 hours, 45 minutes)

How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience

Guided training for safely entering the non-physical dimensions.
An audio 6 CD set, produced by Sounds True. A workshop format with many excellent OBE methods included.


  • Be empowered to have your own experience — the ultimate source for
    spiritual insight
  • How to become an effective explorer of consciousness
  • The energy body — separation and control techniques
  • The Ladder, Vortex, Bridge, and many other proven induction methods
  • Contacting loved ones
  • Visual, tactile, and motion based techniques for advanced OBE travel

With How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience you will learn to safely explore this astonishing territory for yourself, to awaken untapped possibilities.

A practical course for entering and navigating Out-of-Body Experiences refined and proven during 20 years of Buhlman’s workshops, this complete course teaches you the essentials of OBE navigation, including: “pre-launch” exercises for creating a focused and grounded mindset, a core sequence of guided sessions for initiating out-of-body journeys at will, and many advanced techniques for exploring the subtle realms with safety and confidence.

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The Path: Beyond the Physical

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