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William Buhlman, author of Adventures Beyond the Body, The Secret of the Soul, Adventures in the Afterlife and Higher Self Now!

William Buhlman is one of the foremost writers and teachers on the subject of the out-of-body experience.

William is a regular and popular interview on a number of radio programs around the country including Dreamland, Coast to Coast, Whitley Streiber, Jeff Rense, the X Zone and many others.

William will happily assist and provide any information to bring out-of-body experiences to your audience.
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William Buhlman’s media interviews typically involve the information in his books. Some topics include:

  • Heaven is a state of consciousness.
  • Facilitating an enlightened transition to the afterlife.
  • How you can influence your own afterlife journey
  • Meeting loved ones and pets during OBEs
  • How OBEs prove the existence of immortality, heaven and God
  • Creating a sacred space to support an enlightened transition
  • Life changing benefits obtained from having a spiritual experience
  • Self initiated and controlled lucid dreaming
  • The impact of emotional states on the transition from the physical
  • Enhancing altered states of consciousness
  • The benefits of having an end of life doula to support the dying


Adventures in the Afterlife

Review by: Claudia Lambright

This amazing, enlightening book has the power to open the minds of those who are willing to look beyond the facade of the vast, widely held, and firmly established consensus reality we know as Earth life – physical life. For those pioneers, the book offers a broad tour of the many layers and dimensions of the world beyond the physical, as well as showing in highly readable prose ways in which we can begin to broaden not only our Earthly existence but also our horizons and options in the afterlife. By the same token, the book also offers many readers the assurance of continued enjoyment of their favorite Earthly thought forms, including traditional, structured religious pursuits. After reading I felt liberated and empowered, forever changed by the insights and possibilities the book offers.


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Sounds True
Publisher of the new six CD set – How to have an Out of Body Experience.


Higher Self Now

Adventures Beyond the Body is now available in
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The Secret of the Soul is currently available in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian.

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