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In this newsletter, we discuss some upcoming projects and workshops, share some thoughts about renewal, and publish another experience from the community. 



Spring has finally arrived and it reminds us of the beauty in growth and renewal. I encourage you to take a few moments and assess where you are on your spiritual path. The article that follows can help to identify those areas that might need some focus in your life.

Since my last newsletter, I have been working on some projects that will assist you in identifying and reaching your goals. The Destination: Higher Self workshop has been extended and new techniques are included. I have outlined the details below. My new book is based on this workshop and is now being edited. I expect it to be released before the second half of this year. And I am working with the Monroe Products team developing my first CD set of OBE techniques with Hemi-Sync technology.

My six day OBE Intensive workshop schedule is posted and as always, we have fresh perspectives to share during these mind stretching events.

Will this be the year that you give priority to your spiritual development?

All my best,


The Higher Self . . .

For many the ultimate spiritual goal is to consciously reunite with our spiritual essence or what many today call the higher self. Over the centuries this spiritual unification experience has been revered for its ability to impart enlightenment and liberation. Writers and teachers have attempted to describe the existence of our higher self. The challenge is apparent; how can you describe something that exists beyond all three dimensional form?

For the purpose of clarity we can describe the higher self as our spiritual essence existing beyond the mind and the personalities of man; our immortal spiritual center that exists beyond all density, duality, beliefs and separation. It is the part of you that has been constant through all of your past lives. This is the core of your true self supporting your present education on earth and preparing you for the infinite future. The very essence of your being knows your strengths, your weaknesses, and your desires. It is the part of you that understands your experiences as part of your purpose.

Our higher self is the center of our being, extending beyond the human concepts of time, density, gender, and race. In order to function within different dense dimensions our spiritual essence has the ability to use multiple energy bodies as temporary vehicles for our exploration and expression. Our spiritual essence holds the knowledge of all our collective experiences in this lifetime and all life experiences in every dimensional reality. Connecting with our higher self allows us to experience a transformational shift of consciousness, enhancing our perception beyond the physical body and the ego mind. It accelerates our spiritual evolution by awakening us to the brilliant reality of our true self and our eternal journey as soul; a life changing experience.

You can follow up on the importance of this connection both now and at the end of this physical life by reviewing the Destination: Higher Self! workshop information.

Share Your Experience . . . .

“At first I was dreaming about being in a store browsing around at some metal objects. I was with my husband Freddy and I heard a clerk tell him that there was a package for me in the back room. As he went to get it, I noticed that it was dark in the store, so I removed my sunglasses. As the store lightened up, so did my body. I began to feel myself lift off of the floor and I knew I was moving into an out-of-body experience. I thought, “I’m having an obe!” Should I wait until Freddy returns or should I just take off and fly away? I decided to go for it, so I crossed my arms over my chest and lifted off. I was soon flying/floating over the shop still saying, “I’m out of my body. Where should I go?” I decided against going to see my husband because I didn’t want to freak him out. So I ask to go to my Higher Self. I could feel my body become less important. It was melting away from my core. I heard a voice telling me “You are love. You are part of the divine.” By this time my body had pretty much dissolved away as I floated in the most tranquil, beautiful field of nothingness. When I came back to my body I felt at such peace – nothing has ever felt that way again.”

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. When having an OBE, lucid dream or meditating, you can always ask to connect with your higher self. The experience will be different for everyone, but always life changing. William

Personal Growth . . .
Everything is consciousness. All physical events, conflicts and relationships are consciousness expressed as and through matter. As we awaken we see the world for what it truly is; an amazing spiritual training ground for soul. Daily events in our life are opportunities for personal transformation and accelerated spiritual evolution. Spirituality is about our daily actions and awakening to our ever present inner connection to spirit within us. We become empowered when we recognize that every challenge and drama is an opportunity for personal growth. Transformation and growth is all about personal change.

Examine the list below and appraise your personal evolving state of consciousness. Be proud that you have the courage to grow, as change is an essential element of our spiritual development. Take some time and examine your state of consciousness. Where do you feel that you have been successful? What areas in your life need attention?

  • I have established in writing my ultimate spiritual goals for this lifetime.
  • I am beginning to recognize and eliminate the old habits, addictions, or behaviors in my life that no longer service my spiritual goals.
  • I am increasingly questioning the established belief systems that surround me.
  • I have a driving need to uncover the answers to the mysteries of life; the nature of reality and the purpose for my existence.
  • I am seeing a shift in my life’s priorities; releasing beliefs, objects, or activities that no longer support my spiritual intention.
  • I am becoming increasingly aware of my ego mind’s manipulation and control.
  • I have been allowing my daily life to flow without resistance to change.
  • I am releasing the people and relationships in my life that no longer serve my spiritual quest.
  • I am searching for valid spiritual answers and insight instead of relying upon manmade beliefs and faith.
  • I have been letting go of my past history and living more in the present moment.
  • I recognize that I create my reality. I am taking full responsibility for my thoughts and actions.
  • I am becoming less judgmental of others.

Our spiritual reality is unchanging; it is our task to discover the core principal truth of our existence. It is our great task to open to and experience spirituality in our daily lives, not just believe in it.

Honor yourself for the insight that encourages you to open to a new perspective. Then, closely examine the areas of your life that may require additional consideration in order to bring you in sync with your spiritual goals.

Part Two of this article will be outlined in the next newsletter. It is an abbreviated version of the twenty one day transformation plan that is detailed in my upcoming book.

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Destination: Higher Self Workshop
Due to added techniques the length of this workshop has been extended ! June 9 – June 12
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